The attraction offers a unique blend of comfort, relaxation, and adventure. Reach Falls is centred on an exotic waterfall cascading down a rock face into an emerald river pool. The lush greenery from the Montane Forest and the refreshing pool beneath the cascading waterfall promises a memorable experience. Reach Falls offers the opportunity to enjoy the cascading waterfall, a picnic area, and a guided tour upstream the Driver’s River (which feeds the waterfall) featuring a visit inside our legendary underwater cave.

Between Hope Bay and Port Antonio, Somerset Falls sits behind a hedge of bright red ginger lilies and green bottlebrush plants. Once an old sugar plantation that extended from the mountains to the sea, today Somerset is a 97-acre property with a breathtaking garden, complete with ponds and waterfalls. Overflowing with crotons, bamboos, ferns, cocoa plants, indigo and moss-covered trees (to name only a few), the garden grows on the banks of the Daniel River.

The most striking feature about the Blue Lagoon is its mystical blue colour which changes throughout the day, depending on the angle of the sun. A day spent by the Blue Lagoon can see the hue change from turquoise to sapphire to deep blue. When you go swimming in the blue lagoon, you'll be massaged by streams of warm water from the Caribbean Sea and refreshing jets of icy fresh water from the underground streams which feed the lagoon.

Rafting on the Rio Grande, Jamaica’s best and first rafting attraction is located in Portland the most beautiful and verdant parish in Jamaica. Self explanatory the Spanish name Rio Grande  translates into English means Big River.  Rio Grande’s main source of water supply is the torrential rains which incidentally happen quite frequent over the Blue Mountains. It then rushes down from high as approximately 1000 meters on the mountain to carved a humongous gorge.



Portland is situated on the north eastern side of Jamaica and is a treasure cove of breath-taking attractions which have tourists returning year after year. Paradise Inn provides a central launching pad from which you can delve into the lush richness of Portland. A few of these attractions are listed below.